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Dear families and community members,

Welcome to Hedenkamp Elementary School!

On behalf of all of us at Hedenkamp, we want to welcome all returning families as well as our new families to Hedenkamp. The coming year promises to be the best ever at Hedenkamp with many great activities and events scheduled throughout the year.

Of course, our priority is your child's education. A great education comes from strong school and parent relationships. We want you to know that you are always welcome to visit our school and classrooms. We want you to be a full partner in your child's education at Hedenkamp. Please check our calendar often this year as you will have many opportunities to learn about the Chula Vista Elementary School District and Hedenkamp.



Our Mission

Hedenkamp Elementary School is committed to creating a cumulative effect for our students. In the words of Carl Gilickman: To fully educate a student, teachers need to do their best during their temporary time together and to care justas much about the educational experiences that the student had before coming and experiences that the student willhave after leaving. To believe that the job of the classroom teacher is to operate solely in the present with his or her immediate charge is to deny a school the opportunity to provide a cumulative, purposeful effect.

Our Vision

Hedenkamp Elementary School shares the district's vision for our local learning community. Hedenkamp is committed to providing a safe, challenging, and nurturing environment for all of our children.

Our children are creative-thinking, high-achievers, confident in their own abilities. They are committed to life long learning and responsible citizenship. They are unique individuals who take pride in developing their own full potential. Our diversity gives us strength and promotes equity for all. Our learning environment is based on high expectations and clear standards. Families, school, and community work together to benefit all children which fosters respect for one another.

We embrace a rapidly changing world and look to our community and district for support. Students are provided the tools and strategies to become self-sufficient and technologically proficient, accessing information from all over the world. Students are motivated to meet high academic standards, which include art, drama, and physical fitness. Students appreciate all cultures and languages and do not take note of individuals' economic status.

We look forward to the future with hope and confidence.